Wahida Clark Presents
The Pink Panther Clique
Everybody knows that if you break the law and get caught, you go to prison. But what happens when the very same people that are supposed to enforce and uphold the law, are criminals themselves?

Three strangers, Eshe, Milla, and Sun-Sole, meet under the worst circumstances possible--behind bars. Prison isn't at all what they expected, and from the onset of their arrival, these three savvy boss chicks find themselves surrounded by disloyal snitches, set-ups, and scandalous drama. Determined to survive the system that enslaved them, these courageous women unite and embark on a mission to level the scales of justice. Will they survive the gruesome conditions of confinement, or will they fold under pressure?
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The beautiful Keema Morrison, a seventeen year old Atlanta native, is fed up with her life in the projects. Tired of slummy living conditions and even more tired of her drug-addicted mother, she decides to venture beyond the limitations of the hood. Full of life beauty and charisma, she attracts the attention of two men. Lamar Wright, is a self-made millionaire, who commands attention simply by entering a room. He has made a name for himself in the streets and in the business world. The two are polar opposites, or so they think, until fate brings them together and their connection is undeniable. But it is not long before Lamar is faced with a devastating blow and it is up to the young inexperienced Keema to hold it down. When things take a turn for the worse, her loyalty to him is tested as another man has found his way into her life. Is she that ride or die, or just a gold-digger? 


This is the first Street Lit book to be written in reverse! Thuggz Valentine is the story of a modern day Bonnie & Clyde, natural born killers who go out in a blaze of glory after taking on the cities police force. Step by step, readers relive Ebony and Bless s last day together . . . Valentines Day. The day however, starts nothing like it ends, and as time goes back, hour by hour, the two lovers are unable to avoid destiny. Fate brings them together in a most bizarre way, and the couple realize the day is not about winning, it s about embracing the moment, no matter the outcome. Thuggz Valentine is the story of a ghetto love doomed from the beginning, but definitely worth the trip to Hell.
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